Sportsstuff Wego Kite Tube Class Action Lawsuit

Many clients and potential clients have asked if we intend to file a Wego Kite Tube class action lawsuit. The answer is no. At The Willis Law Firm, we represent individuals that have been seriously injured, or parents and families of persons seriously injured, or killed as a result of Wego Kite Tube accidents. Dozens of people have been injured along with several deaths due to the operation of these kite tubes. A kite tube class action lawsuit against Sportsstuff Inc. that deals with serious injuries and deaths would be very hard to file and maintain in court as a class action because there needs to be a common injury to all class action members.

In a class action lawsuit against Sportsstuff, over kite tube injuries or death, it would be next to impossible to have such a class action lawsuit since each case is totally different and there are few common injuries. The Willis Law Firm is representing individuals separately and treating each client and their injuries separately. While a multi-party lawsuit may in fact be filed on behalf of some of our our clients, it is not a class action lawsuit under the law and each client's injuries, medical expenses and lost wages are treated differently and not part of some attorney or computer calculated formula. At no time are our clients going to be sent bills from our firms to pay our expenses as they become due. All cases are handled on a contingency fee basis. No attorneys' fees or expenses will be charged unless we obtain a settlement or recovery for our clients. The client is of course responsible for their own medical expenses. By our firms representing a number of persons and families of Wego Kite Tube Injuries, we will be able to share or split some of the costs of experts, engineers and deposition costs between the different cases and not over-burden any one case with all of the associated costs. A class action lawsuit brought solely for reimbursement costs of the kite tubes is of course possible, but our law firms deal with serious injuries and deaths from dangerous products and we do not want to get involved in class action litigation in a class action lawsuit that could takes years to resolve over the cost of a tube kite.

No Wego Kite Tube class action lawsuit has been filed or contemplated by our law firms. We do however, intend to get our clients full money back from the manufacturer instead of a store credit or voucher. We believe our clients have had to endure enough pain and hardship with their injuries, without incurring addtional stress by being forced to use another one of Sportsstuff's tubes, floats or products.