Kite Tube

Towed behind a boat, the kite tube is a very large, approximately 10 feet in diameter, inflatable water device that a person rides. Kite tubes are being hailed as the next generation of towable inner tubes. Pulled from a boat, these tubes can slide across the water like a traditional deck tube, or take flight like a kite and glide in the air at heights exceeding 25+ feet. Kite tubes have not only raised tubing to a new level, but they have also raised the eyebrows of both extreme sport enthusiasts and the CPSP.

The Consumer Product Safety Commission, or CPSC for short, has already issued a warning concerning the dangers of kite tubes and this new type of water recreation known as "tube kiting." The warning followed reports of two deaths from tube kiting in only three months and several reports of serious injuries related to kite tubes.