Kite Tube Lawsuits - Serious Injury and Death Accidents

The Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) issued a warning in June 2006 to consumers about the dangers of kite tubes used in a new sport -- kite tubing or tube kiting. Kite tubes have already caused two deaths over the past three months. These kite tube deaths have been attributed to this new water sport, as stated by the CPSC. The largest manufacturer of kite tubes is Sportsstuff. Sportsstuff's Wego Kite Tube has become the most popular brand in tube kiting after being named, "Sports Product Of The Year" by the Sporting Goods Manufacturers Association. The Wego Kite Tube's largest competitor, the Manta Ray tube kite by Sevylor, has been shadowed by Sportsstuff's popularity.

Kite Tube Recall & Market Withdrawal

Sportsstuff has withdrawn its Wego Kite Tubes from the market as of July 12, 2006. Sportsstuff is also voluntarily recalling about 19,000 Wego Kite Tubes. To our knowledge, no kite tube lawsuits have been filed to date due to these dangerous and unsafe kite tubes.

Kite Tubing – Can Cause Serious Injuries Even Death

Kite tubing, or tube kiting, is a relatively new form of extreme water sport which is fast growing in popularity, but also extremely dangerous. The CPSC is aware of at least two deaths associated with tube kiting this year. Tube kite deaths include a 33-year-old Texas man who was killed in late April 2006 while tube kiting, and a 42-year-old man who died from injuries associated with tube kiting on June 26, 2006 in Wisconsin. The CPSC is also aware of 39 injury incidents, 29 of those resulting in medical treatment. In another report, a 14-year-old girl who was tube kiting lost consciousness when her kite tube fell about 15 feet and struck the water.
 Kite Tube Injuries