Neglect and What You Must Do

The elderly people have become more active and more visible than before. They are living longer courtesy of improved health care and better lifestyle. However, there are new problems such as exploitation, abuse and neglect. This is why nursing home neglect kentucky solution must be found so that they can live comfortably in these nursing homes. When neglected, the elderly will feel lonely, helpless, and suffer from psychological distress.

Neglect from caregivers range from acts that withholds attention, failing to meet the emotional, social and physical needs of the elderly. Failure to provide clothing, water, food and medication are the worst forms of neglect the elderly go through. Failure to pay bills that are due can also constitute neglect. If the caregiver fails to give assistance activities that guarantee personal hygiene of the elderly, they can also be said to have neglected the elderly.

Some of the causes of neglect include lack of knowledge by the relatives, lack of resources and immaturity on the part of the caregiver. The elderly can also harm themselves through self neglect activities. Self-neglect activities may include not eating, not taking medicine, not visiting the doctor when sick, alcohol and drug abuse as well as compulsive hording.

Caregivers can neglect the elderly by not giving them basic hygiene such as adequate food, clean water and clothing. The elderly will show signs of neglect including sunken eyes, loss of weight and sleeplessness.

The neglected elderly may also show signs of dementia and become very abusive. That is why it is necessary to get nursing home neglect kentucky solution before the self neglect become dangerous. If left unattended to, the neglected may become violent, setting items on fire and harming themselves. What happens in this case is that the elderly may experience changes in the cognitive abilities which could be triggered by feelings of being neglected. There could be feelings of worthlessness, isolated and he may withdraw.

What the elderly should be told to do
If the elderly feels that he is neglected, there are things he can do which can lessen the pain. Let them talk out their problems to a trusted friend or a clergy who can remove him from the problem. He may also talk to his/her physician who can guide and counsel him so that he can once more be secure. You can also contact adult protective service and request for assistance. If you realize that the elderly is using self neglect tactics to solve a problem, you may have to seek help from an expert to assist break the pattern. If he elderly is abusing alcohol, organize for intervention from a counselor, a priest, a rabbi or a pastor.

If you are the cause of neglect, you must learn new ways of relating with the elderly. Talk to him politely and insist that you didn’t know how your behavior was impacting on him. Promise to behave better and ask for forgiveness. If he neglect is caused by a third party, seek legal redress.