Careers in criminal justice solution and the people involved in this process

Crimes are committed everyday. Believe it or not, millions of people die every year as a result of heinous crimes. We can never really understand why these people do the things they do and hold the lives of people in their mercy. Even thousands of years ago, we can see in different reading materials that there are a lot of people who committed crimes but in various levels. There are some who steal other people’s priced possessions without their knowledge, hurting someone physically by way of using any of their different body parts or weapons and even go up to as bad as murder. Different governing bodies of various countries worldwide are continuously looking for a way to control if not put an end to these kinds of problems and as much as possible ensure the safety of the people who reside in their nation. In order to do so, they have to employ millions of individuals who have
Careers in criminal justice solution the problem of increasing crime rates.

When we hear the phrase about criminal justice careers what are the first thing that comes through your mind? Who are the professionals that you believe are connected to this kind of field? Most of us are familiar with law enforcers like the policemen who go around town to check and make sure that all laws and ordinances are implemented well. As well as the lawyers who are hired by suspect or victim to lead them in court and win the case and prove their guilt or innocence before the judge. They will present their evidences and find a way using the laws stipulated to defeat the other side. These are the most popular professionals in this field that most people even young kids are familiar with. What we fail to understand is that there is a long list of individuals who make up for criminal justice careers.

Law enforcement officers are categorize in four different fields such as the police and sheriff’s patrol officers which consists of border patrol officers, constable, deputy sheriff, highway patrol officer, motorcycle police, patrol officer, etc. Forensic science technicians are also under this field with the following job titles, ballistic expert, crime lab technician, crime scene technician, forensic analyst, ballistics expert, etc. The third category is the information security analysis, which is made up of the information systems, computer security specialist, Internet security specialist, computer security specialist, etc. Last are the criminal investigators and detectives that includes FBI Investigator, Narcotics Investigator, Homicide Detective, etc.

When there is a crime, after law enforcement officers made недвижимость в Казахстане their arrest and gathered their evidence they then more forward to the prosecution phase where the bailiffs, license clerks, lawyer, court reporters, librarians, magistrates, librarians, judges, paralegals and legal assistance. Once the suspect is proven guilty of committing a crime, they are then transferred to the rehabilitation and punishment phase which are consists of the treatment specialists, probation officers, behavioral disorder, substance abuse counselors and sociologists.