Powerlifting Meet Coverage


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Individual License Details (Digital Product)

I’ll provide each lifter photo and/or video coverage of their powerlifting meet. The individual session fee covers production, basic editing, post production and a personal license for between 10 and 20 social media sized (1500px x 1500px) images and powerlifting meet video. This individual license is a non-transferable license for you to use on your social media or to print for your wall or album. Under the personal license, all images will come branded with powerlifting meet and/or sponsor watermarks.


Mark-Free License Details (Digital Product)

This package includes the same usage rights as the individual license, but the images / video footage come without any branding. Usage is limited to personal use only still.


Commercial License Details (Digital Product)

The commercial licensing option extends your usage rights to include branding and promotion (resale, etc) for one brand or company. Under the commercial license, all images will come unbranded or with the company logo of your choice as a watermark. Granting re-branding to other agencies is specifically NOT allowed without permission. Print usage for publications is specifically prohibited without written consent. As with the individual license, the commercial license is a non-transferrable (rights may not be extended to other entities without permission) and non-exclusive (9for9 Media reserves the right to grant licensing to other parties).



*** Updated April 10, 2017 ***

Delivery Option Format Timeframe Additional Cost
Standard Direct download via Google Drive 4-8 weeks from event date Free
Expedited Direct download via Google Drive within 4 weeks $25
Expedited+ Direct download via Google Drive within 3 weeks $25
Rush Direct download via Google Drive within 2 weeks $50
Rush+ Direct download via Google Drive within 1 week $25
Same-Day Direct download via Google Drive within 12-24 hours $75


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