Ok, so this is long overdue, but we feel that I owe everybody something that resembles an official update from the company. To start out, we survived March and April productions. We covered as many events in those two months as we did in all of 2016 and consequently, this has led to a few things:

Yes We Are Absolutely Swamped

No surprise, we have a pretty long backlog of orders. We’re not happy about that, but we do have a plan to dig us out of the hole we are in right now. This predicament has essentially forced some growth, which is as much a good thing as it has been a challenge. We took the revenue from sales and re-invested it into storage solutions that will allow us to distribute post-productions efforts. That project is nearly live and we are hoping to divide and conquer the biggest tasks at hand here very shortly (within the next two weeks).

When Will My Order Be Filled…

If you have an outstanding order, please don’t worry. We haven’t forgotten about you. Here’s a timeline of what we’re looking at right now. Please keep in mind these are estimates only and they are subject to change and being overcome by events. Our goal is always to get the content delivered faster but we want to manage expectations at the same time:

Order Numbers Can hopefully expect to be filled by:
1082 thru 1160 May 14, 2017
1161 thru 1214 May 21, 2017
1216 thru 1242 May 28, 2017
1246 thru 1280 June 4, 2017
1281 thru 1398 June 11, 2017
1402 thru 1461 June 18, 2017
1462 and higher TBD

Again, these are not firm dates, they could be shorter (hopefully) or longer (hopefully not) depending on how the next week pans out for us. We’ve had a pretty long string of production over the last few months that doesn’t seem to be slowing down any time soon. So please bear with us as we develop our back-end post-production further to keep pace with our steady stream of production efforts.

We’re Not Just Buying Hookers and Blow…

The additional revenue was, also no surprise, put back into the company and invested toward again improving the quality of the products we are putting out: specifically lighting. Our goal is to set up the environment at every meet we attend to be an EPIC experience and professional lighting solutions was just one way we plan to start making that vision a reality. We think this will go a long way toward drawing additional interest to our rapidly growing sport.


9for9 Media will have a limited presence at the 2017 IPF Classic World Championships in Belarus. There are a number of factors, beyond the scope of this post, which contributed to our decision. With that being said, this is hopefully one of the few times we will have to limit our services to offering pre-registered services only for such a large event. The cutoff date to register for photos and/or video for the IPF World Championships in Minsk, Belarus will be June 10, 2017.

New Products, Yay! (soon)

We do have some additional services we will be launching as are able to fully flesh them out. One of these will be a subscription based service with perks. I don’t have a lot of details on this yet but we want to make it something pretty special. The second product offering is called “The Meet Experience”. This will entail a full video production with B-roll cuts, professional music, cinematic editing, of your meet. We think YouTubers and people who want that extra special memory of their competition will really enjoy this and we have acquired the right tools over the past year to make this a reality.

Website Features…

We are going to be launching a consolidated, dedicated IPF Athlete stats page that consolidates all the data from around the world from international competitions. It will give all the nerds out there something to talk about for sure. We’ll be incorporating Greg Nuckols’ Allometric Scoring system directly into the stats. 😀

I’m kind of tired

That’s about all I can brain dump at the moment. Anyway, I just want to apologize for the delays in post-production again. I, more than just about everybody (except maybe my wife), want you guys to have the content you are investing in as soon as it’s produced. I also want to say thanks to everybody who has stuck with us over the last year and a half of this company’s existence. You are the reason we’re still here and that we continue to grow!