Q: I am from (insert magazine title), may we use one of your images?

A: A print release (license) will be required for any magazine prints. The price of the photo will vary depending on who is depicted in the work, the number of prints, and the size and demographics of the target audience. This will range from $100 to $1000.

Q: What is the difference between individual / personal licensing versus commercial licensing?

A: With an individual license, you may print the photos I provide for your own personal use / display in your home or share with your friends via social media as long as the watermarks remain intact (not cropped out) and the photos are unchanged from how I provided them to you. A commercial license implies that you would like the watermarks removed and/or you wish to resell my work or use a modified version of my work for your own or your companies promotion (yes, this includes social media if the photo is modified), or to sell a product or service.

Q: Do you have photos of my meet performance?

A: Depending on when and where the meet was (i.e. was I there recently), yes.

Q: I competed at a meet you covered (insert number of aeons) ago. Do you still have my photos and can I purchase them?

A: Yes. I have content dating back about 2 years at this point and I have only deleted one event to this date (none of the major competitions). If there isn’t a link to purchase the content, I can put one up no problem.

Q: Can I see them before purchasing?

A: Not at this time. Unless you are a business asking for a commercial license, no. I typically go through around 12,000 to upwards of 80,000 individual photos from large meets, I don’t have a practical way at this time to put proofs out that 1) don’t have a huge watermark (which can be photoshopped off), 2) time to do so for every person that asked this question, 3) guarantee that I would get paid for my time and resources committed. Experience has told me that trying to get paid for your work after it goes out on the internet it similar to trying to stuff toothpaste back into the tube after squeezing it out. Finally, I guarantee the quality of my work (i.e. if we miss lifts I have been known to refund portions of the session fee) so if there is some huge issue, I would like to believe I am trustworthy enough to give you your money back if you had legit heartache over it. However, if you have a suggestion for a good way to securely put out proofs in a timely manner, that guarantees I will get paid for my work, I am completely open to suggestions.

Q: How long does it take to receive photos / video?

A: I process orders on a first-come, first-served basis. If you pre-register, I can get photos out to you pretty early (thanks for allowing me to plan ahead by the way). If you order after the event, you are going to be put at the end of my list. My goal is always to put content out as fast as possible. With large events, there WILL be delays due to the sheer volume of content. I do understand that many people want the content ASAP so I will be offering a rush order service for a small fee in 2017.

Q: Will you remove the watermark?
Q: I want to promote your brand, will you remove the watermark?

A: No. But you are welcome to purchase a commercial license.

Q: I want to promote your brand, will you give me a discount/free photos?

A: No.

Q: Can I use the photos for my local newspaper?

A: If you have purchased a commercial usage license, limited editorial use is included with that license, otherwise 1) Have the editor of your paper contact me directly and I will work it out with them, or 2) purchase or upgrade to a commercial license.

Q: How much does it cost to remove the watermark?

A: You can purchase a commercial license at the rates listed in the shop, or you can upgrade your previously purchased package.

Q: I am having a powerlifting meet on (month) (day) (year), will you be there?

A: Possibly. In 2017, we’re working on expanding our team of assistants / photographers to cover more events. Stay tuned.

Q: Are you exclusively working with IPF and USA Powerlifting?

A: Not exclusively, just that’s where we happen to spend most of our time and energy.

Q: Do you do weddings?

A: No. We shoot powerlifting.