Tina Daneshmand

Tina Daneshmand began her powerlifting career in September 2012. Introduced to CrossFit in 2010, she had the goal to lose weight but had never touched a barbell and had no background in sports. At the time, she weighed nearly 150 pounds at only 5’0” tall. In 2011, she found weightlifting, but soon realized she would not be competitive due to her leverages. However, with all the pulling movements involved in weightlifting and training in CrossFit, she quickly built a solid 300lbs deadlift. She soon discovered powerlifting. In September of 2012, she entered her first powerlifting meet in the 60kg weight class where she squatted 100kg/220lbs, benched 52.5kg/115lbs and deadlifted 162.5kg/358lbs.

Fast forward to April of 2015, she has fully committed to a lifetime of drug-free athletics. She competed at the USA Powerlifting California State Championships in the 57kg/125lbs weight class having made huge progress in her lifts with a 125kg / 275lbs squat, 75kg/165lbs bench press and a 165kg/364lbs deadlift. In July of 2015, she suffered three disc herniations and was unable to compete in the USAPL Raw Nationals meet and strictly focused on making improvements. The biggest change she made was ditching the belt on deadlifts.

Rise to the occasion

Tina has a history of severe scoliosis and she believes the belt hindered her from making progress due to her anatomical shift. Due to missing Raw Nationals in 2015, she competed locally in Reno, NV in the 52kg/114lbs weight class and put on a performance that earned her an invitation to the Arnold Pro American in 2016 where she took 2nd place with a 125kg/275lbs squat, an 80kg/176lbs bench press and a 170kg/375lbs deadlift.

In September of 2016, she competed at bench press nationals in Aurora, CO and finished 3/3 with an 82.5kg/182lbs bench press which earned her a spot on Team USA. She will be competing at Classic Bench Worlds in April of 2017.

Later in October, she competed in the Primetime Session of USAPL Raw Nationals in Atlanta, GA, finishing in 3rd place with a 125kg/275lbs squat, an 85kg/187lbs bench press and a 175kg/386lbs deadlift and a total of 385kg/849lbs.

With these improvements and strong placements, Tina was once again invited to compete at The Arnold Pro American in March of 2017. She took home gold in her weight class along with a 2nd place overall finish on wilks with 497.10 points! She also wound up breaking her 125kg/275lbs squat plateau and finished 3/3 with 132.5kg/292lbs, 2/3 on bench with 85kg/187lbs and 175kg/386lbs on deadlift, totaling 392.5kg/865lbs.

How She Trains – Flexx Training Systems

Tina has consistently been coached by Joseph Franzo of Flexx Training Systems since October of 2013 and maintains her weight for the 52kg/114lbs weight class and continues to make progress using the RPE scale. She is very adaptive to high volume unconventional training but doesn’t deviate much from the main lifts. Her unconventional volume of training has her squatting sets of 9 just a mere couple weeks from hitting the platform which is usually what athletes do at the beginning of their meet preps. She attributes her final progression on squats to pause squats and squatting 3-4 times a week. Her bench training is also extremely high volume with sets of 9 on her high days and benching 5-6 days a week. Tina also deadlifts 2-3 days a week where she does heavy singles and anything from sets of 4-7.